The DAX Day Traders Community Membership

The Blackbox Community is where we share our ongoing trading journey with members.

Our intention is to nurture a professional approach to Price Action Trading by bringing passionate, like-minded people together through our website and our software product the Blackbox Trade Controller.


Membership Incorporates:

  • Use of the Blackbox Trade Controller software product including support and updates.

    It is important to understand that the Trade Controller is a hybrid trade management system for price action traders, it is NOT a robot and it does NOT enter trades automatically on your behalf.

  • A clearly defined Trading Plan and strategy dedicated to trading the DAX intraday.
  • Access to the members’ only area with regular DAX commentary in the form of videos and blogs.

    For the most part we trade the morning session from 7am-11:30am GMT.

    An example of what you can expect from the DAX Commentary is provided for your reference.

    If you choose to join us trading the DAX intraday, it makes sense for you to use the same broker such that the commentary will reference the exact same levels. Please refer to the section Brokers/Spread Betting for more details.

  • A very focused and specialist approach to price action trading.

Although we do not provide a one to one mentoring service, we do host live training webinars to support our members learning and progression. We also have a multitude of DAX trade commentary and educational videos available on our YouTube channel.

Our vision is to host a community of like-minded people with shared financial goals and interests. By leveraging the Power of Specialization our intention is to generate a unique and engaging trading environment.
The DAX Day Traders.

DAX Commentary

The DAX commentary is provided for members via a daily blog for the most-part but also features video commentary, as and when appropriate.

The daily blog comments on the DAX price action as the session unfolds. We identify specific price action patterns; MABs and FIBCONs, that are incorporated in our Trading Edge as they form, and we demonstrate how the Price Action Grid can be used to provide guidance as to potential high energy, high probability trade setups as price interacts with it while making its way up and down.

The Blackbox Trade Controller supports a Trade Alert Feature that alerts the trading community to impending trade opportunities. The alert is sent well in advance and is accompanied by a screenshot of the potential trade setup providing invaluable guidance on trade execution should it play out. This feature also acts as learning tool by drawing attention and highlighting the specific chart patterns incorporated in our trading edge, in real-time as price unfolds.

The video commentary includes all of the above in terms of; interpretation of current price action, trade anticipation and setup, real-time trade execution, trade results and post-trade analysis.

The DAX Day Traders are not in the camp who ‘talk the talk’ via retrospective analysis; there are no shortage of so called ‘traders’ out there who fall into this categoryWe intend to be the ‘real deal’ by ‘walking the walk’ and ‘putting our money where our mouth is’.

We have provided an example of the DAX commentary for Friday 4th October 2019 for your reference.