Power Of The Grid

If you have read our Price Action Grid page, and we recommend that you do before reading and viewing the content on this page, we hope that you can already appreciate how powerful the Grid can be when used in our day to day trading.

We have witnessed how price interacts with chart structure in terms of support and resistance and two key elements of this are horizontal and sloping structure, both of which are incorporated in the Price Action Grid.

We have put together some live commentary videos for the DAX which show in real-time how price regularly interacts and is influenced by both horizontal and sloping structure.

As explained in the videos, this Price Action Grid structure was defined many months ago and has been overlaid and projected into the future by the Trade Controller, which is one of the reasons why it is so powerful because areas of confluence such as Grid intersections which often produce high energy event zones, can be identified and marked up in advance. This feature is a powerful weapon in our trading arsenal and adds to our trading edge enabling us to anticipate high probability trade setups.

Blackbox’s mantra is Be The Bearbecause a mature bear will wait patiently for as long as it takes for a juicy salmon to come along, they have learned to ignore the minnows and tiddlers and not to waste their time and energy on them, but to wait for a much bigger and high value prize!

In our experience there’s a high probability that juicy salmon come along at Grid intersections, so with this in mind, if we exercise discipline and patience we can avoid the low probability setups like the minnows that can drain you emotionally as well as your trading bank and wait for the high probability setups like the juicy salmon.

We have captured video footage of several live trades where the Grid intersections were used in real-time to our advantage in anticipating areas of ‘Resistive Confluence’ (RESCON) and ‘Supportive Confluence’ (SUPCON). They demonstrate how we use the Price Action Grid to identify high probability trade setups that conform to our Trading Edge and to determine trade parameters i.e. trade entry, stop loss and target.

Blackbox members will have access to our daily blog  which provides guidance as to potential high probability trade setups that may come into play as the session unfolds.

Equidistant Horizontal Zones

Equidistant Channels

Live Trade Wednesday 29th August 2018

  1. Introduction (00:00 – 01:19)
  2. Trade Setup/Anticipation (01:20 – 09:24)
  3. Live Trade (09:25 – 11:59)
  4. Post Trade Analysis (12:00 – 14:56)

Live Trade Monday 27th August 2018

  1. Trade Anticipation/Setup (00:00 – 05:26)
  2. Live M5 MAB Buy Trade (05:27 – 06:48)
  3. Buy Trade Complete/Sell Trade Setup (06:49 – 07:23)
  4. Live Sell Trade (07:24 – 12:04)
  5. Post Trade Analysis (12:05 – 17:55)

Live Trade Friday 24th August 2018

  1. Introduction (00:00 – 04:07)
  2. Live Trade (04:08 – 09:27)
  3. Post Trade Analysis (09:28 – 14:25)