Blackbox Software Solutions

Blackbox Software Solutions (BSS) are a small team of software engineers who have worked within the semiconductor industry for over thirty years specializing in semiconductor test efficiency and quality improvement products and solutions.

Blackbox was founded in June 2000 and has been supporting Wafer Test Operations in several semiconductor companies both large and small, working in IDM, Foundry and Fabless environments. We have designed and developed a suite of world-class software products that are industry proven, with an install base in the UK, USA and Israel.

Our flagship product, the Wafer Sort Controller, is a cost effective Wafer Probe Test Cell Control System that manages the complete wafer test process and production flow. This generic tool enables the streamlining of the wafer probe production process by adding modern features to existing wafer probers to upgrade and expand their capabilities.

In addition, we have designed and developed a suite of complementary tools that seamlessly enhance the wafer probe environment and provide important production flow information.

In 2013 we turned our attention to the world of retail trading and applied our wealth of engineering experience and specialist software skill-set to design and develop an innovative hybrid Trade Management System called the Blackbox Trade Controller.

We have borrowed from the design aspects of our industry proven semiconductor software products and have employed them in the Trade Controller with great success to provide an intuitive, informative, real-time environment that meets the needs of the professional price action trader.

There may be some of you visiting our website who know us from our career in the semiconductor industry and are wondering how and why we have transitioned into the world of retail trading. As many of you will appreciate, in today’s ever changing world it is vital for businesses to be able to adapt, evolve and learn new skills. So Blackbox have done just that and our hybrid Trade Management System is the result of our steep learning curve and journey into the world of retail trading and our progressive development as a business.
We would like to emphasize that we have not left our semiconductor career behind but rather have added another string to our bow. We continue to provide the first class service and support for our flagship product, the Wafer Sort Controller, that our customers are accustomed to and we are always available to discuss any new requirements.