Welcome to the home of the The DAX Day Traders which is the result of our unique trading journey over the last few years.

As our name suggests, we specialize in trading the German DAX30 each day using a technique called Pure Price Action – the language of the charts based purely on structure – no indicators, no candlestick patterns, just chart structure consisting of Support and Resistance in all its forms. We provide trade commentary and analysis for our members via our daily blog, sharing our trading ideas to inspire, support and encourage each other.

What we have to offer is not only unique but it stands out from everything else we’ve seen so far in the vast and crowded world of retail trading. Trading is often a lonely pursuit and having a community to share trade ideas, see things you may have missed and help you with your struggles, can be a game changer.

Everything, yes everything we have learned is publicly available on our website, unlike many others we have not held anything back! There is no need for you to part with any money, just take a look at our approach and what we have to offer to see if resonates with you before you make any commitment. And if nothing else, why not subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our journey to success on Facebook and Instagram.

Learning to trade the financial markets is one of the most challenging things you will ever undertake, as some of you may have already experienced.

The statistics for those who make a success of it are not encouraging, it is commonly quoted that only 10% go on to become consistently profitable, the reasons for which we will explain as we share our story with you.

There is no shortage of trading systems, gurus and marketers promising you easy profits whilst omitting to tell you that trading the markets is tough, very tough and like any skill worth learning it takes time, commitment and passion.

It is very easy to be seduced by such promises, that’s human nature, but people soon find out that the reality is very different, hopefully on a demo account and not with their hard earned cash! The question is “do you give up and accept there’s no ‘get rich quick’ scheme or ‘holy grail’ in trading?” or “do you decide to work hard and put in the time and effort required to achieve success?”.

It’s time to introduce a refreshing new approach to the world of retail trading, something that’s credible, honest and pure, something that strips away the noise, the hype and the false promises.

After years of study, we have concluded that there’s a purity to price movement as it makes its way up and down and for this reason we refer to it as Pure Price Action. It produces chart patterns that have nothing to do with indicators or candlestick patterns, these patterns are fractal in nature and and at their core exhibit something known as Sacred Geometry.

As software engineers, we applied our data analysis skill set to study the charts at length and after detailed characterization we have identified these reoccurring patterns that lead to high probability, high value trade setups when traded consistently, following a defined set of rules, can potentially result in profitability.

It has been a fascinating journey so far! The outcome being that we have distilled the key aspects of technical trading down to a very specific subset and we have designed and developed a unique hybrid trading environment dedicated to trading price action in its purist sense that assists in the identification of these reoccurring patterns. The result we believe is unlike anything you may have come across so far.

  • We trade Pure Price Action based only on chart structure in the form of support and resistance.
  • We do not use indicators or candlestick patterns.
  • We leverage the Power of Specialization by trading a single market, the German DAX30.
  • Our trading platform of choice is MetaTrader 4 and we use it in ways you have probably not seen before.
  • We have developed the Blackbox Trade Controller, a hybrid Trade Management System for MetaTrader 4 designed to support a consistent and professional approach to trading price action.
  • Since price is always being channelled by chart structure, we have developed the Price Action Grid which when overlaid and projected into the future provides guidance by helping to identify potential high probability, high energy, high value trade setups.

    When you observe price interacting with the Price Action Grid it will electrify your trading.

The world of trading consists of a vast array of different systems and methods, so much so that it can be overwhelming. As a trader you must find the one that suits your personality and risk profile since “one size does not fit all”.

The DAX Day Traders believe in transparency, therefore we have decided to share our trading knowledge, experience and strategies with you regardless of whether you have signed-up and joined our trading community or parted with any of your money.

What we have to offer may not be for everyone, but if you are new to trading we believe we can save you significant time and potentially optimize your learning curve by providing you with a unique price action trading environment that has been tried and tested.

It takes time, commitment, energy and passion to learn the valuable skills to become a successful trader and contrary to the false promises, success is NOT achieved overnight. Our approach may not suit everyone, if you’re after a high octane adrenaline rush then it probably won’t be for you.

We cannot of course guarantee your success as a profitable trader since we are each on our own trading journey, but we can provide you with a consistent, clearly defined approach to a very challenging profession.

However, if you are prepared to invest your time and energy learning a unique style of trading where you monitor the charts waiting patiently for the Price Action Grid to identify potential high energy, high probability, high value trade setups then this might just be what you’re looking for.

The Blackbox Trade Controller provides the tools to enter and manage trades with precision and accuracy whilst controlling risk. Executed trades are automatically marked up on the chart with the results displayed in terms of Risk-Reward (Rvalue).

If you are not new to the world of trading, you may have to unlearn a few things such as indicators, candlestick patterns and thinking in terms of pips, points or £’s per point, if you live in the UK and spread bet. Professional price action traders think and reason very differently to amateur retail traders, they think in terms of chart structure, risk-reward and the percentage growth of their trading bank, not pips or points.

They don’t rely on indicators or candlestick patterns to generate ‘trade entry signals’, they wait for chart structure to tell them when a ‘window of opportunity’ opens, the duration of which is determined by the time frame they are trading.

They don’t determine stop-loss or profit target levels using a fixed number of pips or points, they let chart structure tell them where they should be, enabling them to adapt to different market conditions as they move through their cycles. 

Hats Off

It is important to point out that there are successful traders who use systems and methods based on indicators and/or candlestick patterns and we wish them continued success!

Hats off to anyone who achieves consistent profitability no matter what trading system they use.

Trading is a very challenging profession and no matter what style you gravitate to, your performance will ultimately be determined by your mindset and self discipline. 

Trading is quite rightly regarded as an elite skill. It’s one thing to have three winners in a row or have a profitable day or week, but it’s another to repeat this day after day, week after week and manage your emotions when the inevitable losers come along.


The DAX Day Traders provide a unique, custom environment that promotes a coherent approach to trading which lends itself to an effective learning process, supporting the development of good habits required for consistent trading, day after day.

We will share with you what we have learned, Our Philosophy is to be open and honest and we welcome both new and experienced traders to join us on our journey.

We will not sugar-coat trading suggesting that all you have to do is “just follow these simple steps” or “20 minutes a day is all you need”. Neither will we promote such things as “our proprietry indicator made 958 pips last month”.

In our experience this is often the language of marketers!

However, we will share our market analysis and provide guidance through our daily blog and videos. The DAX commentary video below from 22nd January 2019 is a good example of what you can expect. This example also includes a live sell trade taken at the market using the Trade Tool.

So, if you like what you see, why not join us and register for your Free 30-Day Evaluation of the Blackbox Trade Controller and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get automatic notifications when new videos are uploaded. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram – remember to like and share if you enjoy our content.

The DAX Day Traders are committed to supporting and serving a community of like-minded people with shared financial goals and interests, people who want to learn valuable skills that can be truly life-changing!

We invite you to join us on our unique trading journey and find out if our approach resonates with you.

When we support and encourage one another the synergy benefits us all.

We hope you enjoy Our Website, it does assume that you already have a basic understanding of trading concepts, so if you are new to trading take a look at the Trading Resources section first.

The DAX Day Traders.