Trade Management Tool

Trade management is a vital part of any Trade Management System.

We looked at many different implementations of trade management and found that they were often overly complicated, combining several modes of operation and layers of rules.

The Blackbox Trade Controller trade management tools are simple to understand and implement. They reflect a Pure Price Action approach that is consistent and designed to work with chart structure, not a fixed number of pips or points.

The Trade Controller currently provides two modes of trade management; Take Profit and Lock In Profit. We may decide to implement a Trailing Stop mode should there be a requirement in the future.

All trade management events are automatically logged for journaling purposes and displayed on the chart providing the user with a complete record of all activity. Trade management event notifications can also be sent via email, to mobile devices or the MT terminal depending on user configuration.

The following videos provide a detailed overview of the Trade Management Tool and show live trade demonstrations using both the Lock In Profit and Take Profit modes.

Trade Management Tool

Lock In Profit Live Demo

Take Profit Live Demo