Trading Resources

The information and content on this website assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of trading concepts such as support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements, moving averages and candlestick charts. However, if you are a complete beginner and a newcomer to the world of technical trading then we recommend the following resources.

In keeping with tradition, we suggest that you spend some time at the babypips website and work through their School of Pipsology

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The babypips website is a beginner’s guide to Forex trading. Their ‘School of Pipsology’ is a free comprehensive online course that explains all the basics of Forex trading and includes a glossary of trading terminology.

Although the main focus of the website is Forex trading, it’s a really good place to start and when working through the course we suggest you pay particular attention to the Elementary School and Middle School (Grade 7: Important Chart Patterns) sections.

Blackbox specialize in trading the German DAX30 which is a stock market index. Our Trading Journey has led us to distil the technical analysis tools that we use to a very specific subset: –

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