Blackbox Trade Controller Registration Page

Membership details are outlined on the Blackbox Trading Community Membership page.

The 30 day free evaluation period for the Blackbox Trade Controller software starts on the sign-up date, NOT when the software is installed. Therefore, we highly recommend watching the Installation Guide Tutorials before signing up.

During the 30 day evaluation period the Blackbox Trade Controller software will operate on MT4 demo account mode only.

Users should contact Blackbox should they wish to use a live account before the end of the evaluation period.

We highly recommend using a demo account during the free evaluation period as this enables you to fully test and evaluate the software in a safe environment without risking any capital. We liken it to practicing in a flight-simulator before taking to the air for real.

Please note that no money will be deducted from your account until after the 30 day evaluation period is complete.